About Donations

Help support the Nova Scotia NDP by joining our party/Renewing your membership, and/or making a donation.

Joining Our Party/Renewing your Membership:

Annual Fee Memberships:

$25 Individual (not eligible for a tax receipt)

$40 Family (spouse/partner & dependent children over 14 years of age living at same address)

$5 Youth/Unwaged (not eligible for a tax receipt)

Memberships are based on the calendar year: January 1st – December 31st. If you join/renew after October 1st, your annual membership stays valid until December 31st of the following year.

Sustaining Membership by Pre-Authorized Contribution (PAC):

Becoming a Monthly PAC Member is easy.

Call our office at 902-423-9217 or toll-free at 1-800-753-7696 to set up your contribution on your credit card or through your bank account.

Have your credit card, a cheque, or pre-authorized debit form ready when you call or mail it to:

603-5151 George Street Halifax B3J 1M5.

 Benefits of Monthly PAC Membership:

Saves time and money by not having to mail in your contributions and your amembership automatically stays current with each contribution.

Safe and easy way to give since your contribution is automatically made through your bank account or credit card.

Cost effective because we can reduce the volume of mail we send and keeps our administrative costs low

Stable and reliable source of funding to ensure the long-term future of the New Democrat Party

Membership gives you the opportunity to participate in our Party – vote in Party nominations for candidates, attend Convention/AGM, be elected to Council/Executive, etc.

Tax Credits for Monthly PAC Membership Contributions:

You will receive a tax credit of 75% of your contribuiton to a maximum of $750 each year.

$20/month will give you a tax credit of $15/month or $180/year; it will only cost you $5/month!

A one time contribution of $1,000 provides a $750 tax credit so the actual cost to you is only $250!

Remember, your donation only costs you 25% of the face value after the tax credit!