Corbett pleased assurance to LMA groups finally being provided

March 21, 2014

(New Waterford, NS) NDP MLA and Labour critic Frank Corbett says he is pleased the provincial government is providing temporary funding to dozens of organizations that help Nova Scotians with things like literacy and employment.

“I’m pleased the government has reversed course and decided to provide this funding. This decision should have been made weeks ago but ultimately it’s the right choice,” said Corbett.

Roughly two months ago Corbett called on the government to meet with groups who were set to lose funding as a result of changes to the federal-provincial Labour Market Agreement. The call went unanswered.

On February 26, Corbett hosted a press conference at Province House with the Collaborative Partnership Network to request a guarantee of bridge funding for affected groups. Until today, the province had refused to provide the funding. That forced organizations to start giving their employees two weeks’ notice that their jobs would cease to exist and let clients know about the upcoming cuts to services.

“I think the affected organizations have done a great job shedding light on how important their work is. I congratulate them on successfully convincing the provincial government to provide this temporary funding,” said Corbett.

“That being said, I think the stress these organizations and their clients have endured over the past couple of months was very unnecessary. There’s no reason why the Premier couldn’t have provided these organizations this temporary assurance much sooner.”

Corbett says he is anxious to hear the details of the new federal-provincial agreement that is being worked on now.

“We need to ensure these organizations remain for the long term. Not only does it make economic sense, it’s the right thing to do.”