Baillie’s Power Plan Another Work of Fiction

August 6, 2013

Tory Leader Jamie Baillie issued another flawed policy paper today. Baillie’s power scheme  would mean higher costs and a dirtier environment, said NDP MLA Mat Whynott.

Whynott, Ministerial Assistant for Energy, said Baillie’s scheme has as little credibility as his recent announcement that he would make liquor more accessible – a plan that came under fire for misrepresenting MADD Canada.

“Jamie Baillie’s power plan is misleading and unworkable,” said Whynott.

“Put simply, his scheme would drive up power costs, create a dirty environment for Nova Scotia families, and leave Nova Scotia without an affordable way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Renewables are the lowest long term cost and greenest form of energy, yet Baillie wants to scrap renewable energy. He calls for subsidizing Nova Scotia Power with tax dollars.  And he would continue with the Conservative and Liberal practice of burying his head in the sand and hoping for the cost of coal to go down. That’s not a plan.”

“The NDP has lowered NSPI’s rate of return and ended NSPI bonuses and excessive salaries at rate payer expense. Our Maritime Link project will ensure a 35-year supply of clean, stable, low cost energy.” “Past Liberal and Conservative government’s left the province tied to dirty coal. The cost of coal has gone up 75 per cent in seven years leading to higher and higher power rates. Baillie, a former chief of staff in an earlier Conservative Government, is responsible for that,” Whynott said.