Liberal Government complacent on firewood shortage

August 27, 2014

NDP MLA Sterling Belliveau is disappointed Natural Resources Minister Zach Churchill and the Liberal government have ignored the firewood shortage he first warned of in May. As a result, he says, many households across Nova Scotia are currently unable to purchase the firewood they need to heat their homes this winter.

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“In May I asked the provincial resource committee to hold a meeting about this issue and the Liberal majority turned me down,” said Belliveau. “It’s now almost September and we are facing a firewood shortage. As a result there are dozens of families who don’t know how they are going to heat their homes this winter. Even those individuals who are able to find firewood are paying much more for it this year than they were a year ago.”

Belliveau says he’s worried about people burning green wood this winter.

“Aside from the financial implications of this shortage, it could pose a safety risk as well,” said Belliveau. “People who chose to burn green wood need to be extremely cautious.”

Belliveau said a letter was sent by the resource committee to Zach Churchill in June asking the Minister for more information about the government’s response to the situation. He said while Churchill did eventually write back and promised to examine the matter – nothing has happened.

 “I know of firewood suppliers who have been calling the Minister and his department for months looking to get access to crown land,” said Belliveau. “It’s not right that their pleas have gone unanswered by the Liberal government.”