Liberals don’t have a plan for economic development

August 15, 2013

NDP MLA Jim Morton found himself asking, “What is green fracking?” after listening to Halifax Chebucto Liberal candidate Joachim Stroink on the CBC newsmaker interview last night.

When asked by Elizabeth Chiu how the Liberals would create jobs in Nova Scotia, Stroink responded he would like to see investments made in “green fracking”. He added, “Maybe we can be a leader in innovation in fracking.”

Morton said Stroink’s response points to the lack of a Liberal plan for economic development.

“Time and time again, we’ve listened to Stephen McNeil oppose investments to create and protect good jobs in every region of Nova Scotia. But when it’s the Liberals’ turn to answer what they would do differently, their response is an empty catch phrase about something that doesn’t exist.”

Morton says McNeil is sending the wrong message to hard working Nova Scotia families.

“We know Stephen McNeil doesn’t support our shipbuilders, our forestry workers, or our information technology specialists – but he does support our ‘green frackers’.”

Currently the Nova Scotia government is conducting a review into fracking scheduled for completion in 2014. The NDP won’t accept fracking applications unless it’s proven the technique can be done safely.

Morton said he thought the Liberals supported the NDP’s careful approach to this issue, but perhaps Stroink’s comments signal a change in direction.

“For most Nova Scotians the jury is still out on fracking. Up until a few days ago the Liberals have said they were in the same boat. But now it appears Stephen McNeil has made up his mind before all the evidence has been collected.”

Recently the Gandalf Group, an organization with strong ties to the Liberal party, conducted a survey that asked Nova Scotians if they supported accelerating development of Nova Scotia’s natural gas deposits for export.