Liberals Would Never Have Balanced Nova Scotia’s Budget

April 4, 2013

(Halifax, N.S.) Despite a struggling world economy, the NDP is one of only four provinces to balance its budget this year, an accomplishment the Liberals would never have achieved says NDP MLA Jim Morton.

“The Liberals in Nova Scotia have not introduced a balanced a budget since 1976,” Morton said today. “They opposed the NDP’s four year back to balance plan and virtually every single measure in that plan.

“The NDP balanced the budget by controlling spending better than almost any government before us, and by seizing historic economic opportunities like the shipbuilding contract and 500 jobs at IBM. The Liberals opposed all these initiatives, but it is the revenue from these economic initiatives that will ensure this province has balanced budgets for years to come.”

The Liberals failed to balance budgets in the 1990s. Instead they tried to hide the enormous deficits accumulated by school boards, health boards and other government entities. In 2009 Stephen McNeil continued the Liberals practice of irresponsible spending when he brought forward a campaign platform that promised $500 million in new spending.

“The McNeil campaign platform failed to say how he would pay for his spending and McNeil refused to commit to balancing Nova Scotia’s books,” said Morton. “The Liberals did not balance the books in the 1990s and today they oppose the very measures that are growing Nova Scotia’s economy and leading to our balanced budget.

“If Stephen McNeil were Premier there would be no shipbuilding jobs, no high tech jobs, no jobs for 1400 families at the Port Hawkesbury Mill. And if Stephen McNeil were Premier, there would be no balanced budget in Nova Scotia.”