McNeil’s unfounded attacks will kill jobs in Nova Scotia

February 27, 2013

Percy Paris

Minister of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism


(Halifax, N.S.) Nova Scotia Economic and Rural Development Minister Percy Paris says Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil is putting his own personal ambition ahead of what’s best for Nova Scotia with his continued political war against jobs in Nova Scotia.


McNeil’s unprecedented attack on jobs in Nova Scotia continued today with a bizarre letter in the Chronicle Herald once again attacking the Irving Shipyard.


“Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil’s bizarre public attack on the men and women of the Irving shipyard, his misleading and untruthful television ads attacking employers across the province and his personal attacks on employers like IBM and Projex threatens to drive away future investment and kill jobs in Nova Scotia,” said Paris.


“McNeil is a job killer for one simple reason, he cares only about one job and he will trample anything in order to get it,” said Paris.


McNeil’s ambition has left him in the bizarre position of taking political cheap shots at a shipbuilder that is bringing 11,500 jobs to the province. A key element in  McNeil’s attack strategy is to misrepresent provincial involvement and employment numbers and then attack the jobs and employers based on his own misleading information.


“His Caucus has followed his lead,” Paris said. “Liberal Economic Development Critic Geoff MacLellan attacked IBM in the House of Assembly. At one point he suggested IBM “cannot be trusted”, “lacks expertise” and is “not even minimally competent”, just days after the company announced it was bringing 500 jobs to Nova Scotia.“


Meanwhile, others just seem disinterested in employment in their ridings. Commute records on file with the Speaker’s Office show Richmond MLA Michel Samson spent most of his time outside his riding when New Page, the largest employer in his region, collapsed in August of 2011. From August 22, when the crisis began, until the end of September he spent most of his time in Halifax or elsewhere.


“Thousands of good jobs are in jeopardy and the region is in crisis. What do the Liberals do? The Liberal MLA doesn’t show up and the Liberal Leader attacks the workers and the company in television advertising,” said Paris. “It’s a poor way to treat constituents and a poor way to treat people.”


“The NDP will continue to stand up for working families in the province by competing to ensure people across Nova Scotia have opportunities for good jobs. We are turning the corner and the Liberals just don’t like that.”