Moxsom-Skinner: Liberals need to retract Otter Lake release and apologize

September 20, 2013

NDP candidate Linda Moxsom-Skinner is asking for an apology from Stephen McNeil after the Liberals sent out an erroneous release earlier today.
In the release Andrew Younger makes the false claim that the Liberals were the first party to say they would not accept municipal changes to the Otter Lake landfill. The Liberals refer to a letter sent on May 1, 2013. 
That’s one week after NDP Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau wrote Mayor Savage informing him the province would not accept changes to the landfill permit.
On April 30, allnovascotia.com reported that Liberal candidate Andrew Younger questioned the Minister’s authority to make that decision.
“What the Liberals are trying to do is pretend that an entire week of history does not exist. It’s kind of like how they want to pretend the last Liberal government of the 1990s didn’t cut 1,600 hospital beds and get rid of 1,400 teachers. There are two facts about Otter Lake. The NDP was the first to tell the HRM they couldn’t change the permit and Andrew Younger questioned the Minister’s authority to make that decision.”
Moxsom-Skinner is calling on the Liberals to retract the release and issue an apology. 
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