NDP Announces Support for Community Shared Agriculture

August 24, 2013

Families eager to buy locally produced food will have more options through the province’s support of community shared agriculture.

Agriculture Minister John MacDonell announced today, Aug. 24, $220,000 in one-time funding in 2014-15 to help develop and increase community shared agriculture.

“More families want more opportunities to buy local food grown on farms right here in Nova Scotia,” said Mr. MacDonell. “With this support the province will be helping families get the local food they want and support the continued growth of our locally run farms.”

In community shared agriculture, or CSAs, members, or shareholders, pay in advance for shares of what is grown and produced on a local farm.

Most of Nova Scotia’s more than 20 CSAs provide fresh produce while some provide meat, bread, eggs, fish or a combination of both.

The funding will be used to help CSAs increase profitability and sales and do further research. The funding will also include the development of a farm share rebate program.

“More and more consumers are asking about the food they eat,” said Andrew Bishop, owner of Noggins Corner Farm. “Through the CSA program, we are better able to connect consumers with our farms and us the producers. A win-win for everyone involved.”

“Community shared agriculture is a great model for connecting farmers and consumers,” said Marla MacLeod, community food co-ordinator at the Ecology Action Centre. “We have seen a lot of growth in this area over the last few years. The Ecology Action Centre is pleased to see the support for this initiative.”