Nova Scotia the Only Province to Add Jobs last Month

April 5, 2013

(Halifax, N.S) Economic and Rural Development Minister Percy Paris said he was pleased today to see a Statistics Canada report showing Nova Scotia continues to see employment increases. Stats Canada reported today that Nova Scotia was the only province to add jobs last month.

“Despite a difficult world economy Nova Scotia is seeing a lot of positive signs when it comes to economic development,” said Paris.

Nova Scotia saw employment increase by 2,900 last month, similar to the month before.

“We’re starting to turn the corner with new opportunities and jobs like the ships contract, new high tech jobs, renewed offshore development and a revitalized forestry industry,” said Paris.

Paris said Nova Scotia’s jobsHere plan is helping to create good jobs in the province.

“The NDP believes in Nova Scotia’s future and we’re fighting for it ,” Paris said. “We are competing for new businesses and jobs, building a Made in Atlantic Canada clean energy future with Muskrat Falls and the Maritime Link, investing in education and skills training.”

Paris pointed out that Stephen McNeil and the Liberals have opposed many of the NDP’s job creation efforts including the Shipbuilding contract.

“Stephen McNeil says he’ll stop investments that attract businesses and jobs.  He’s even against the shipyards contract,” Paris said. “Nova Scotians have a clear choice between a Premier whose plan is working and the Liberals who would stop the progress we are making.”


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