Nova Scotia Tops in North America for Foreign Investment

July 23, 2013

Nova Scotia’s success in attracting international investment and creating new jobs is gaining world-wide recognition.

fDi Intelligence, a division of The Financial Times, recently recognized Nova Scotia for having the best success in North America in attracting investment from around the world, known as foreign direct investment. It helps companies grow by building exports, investing money into the economy and accelerating supplier development through partnerships with local companies.

“International companies recognize Nova Scotia is a great place to do business,” said Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Minister Graham Steele, and Minister responsible for Nova Scotia Business Inc. “Companies are choosing Nova Scotia over other jurisdictions and are spending new money in our province. Foreign direct investment means new jobs and new money for the economy.”

fDi Intelligence is the largest foreign direct investment centre of excellence globally.

“Nova Scotia was the best performing region in North America in attracting inward investment in 2012, with Nova Scotia attracting more foreign direct investment projects per capita than any other state or province,” said Henry Loewendahl, vice-president North America, representing fDi Intelligence, Financial Times Ltd. “Furthermore, three of the four largest job-creating projects in Canada went to Nova Scotia in 2012 with major investments by IBM, Admiral Insurance, and Stream.”

“All Nova Scotians share the credit for this success, in communities large and small,” said Mr. Steele. “The province is fortunate to have people who work hard and bring their very best to the job every day. That commitment is what is attracting more investment and more jobs that are building a better future for Nova Scotia families.”

“Nova Scotia is a competitive jurisdiction that has attracted some of the world’s top companies