NDP Announces Funding for Soil Management

August 6, 2013

Future generations will continue to enjoy local agriculture, because of provincial funding that will enhance the soil management efforts of farmers.

An additional $400,000 for soil management was announced today, Aug. 6, by Agriculture Minister John MacDonell.

“Productive agricultural soil is a finite and irreplaceable natural resource and a valuable component of the future,” said Mr. MacDonell. “This funding for soil management will help farmers ensure their soil is fully productive.

“Nova Scotia has a rich farming history. The province wants women and men who work the fields to be able to make a living doing what they love right here at home. Investments in farming families like this help make that possible.”

The funding, in addition to the $600,000 committed in this year’s budget, will begin in 2014-15. It will support the installation of tile drainage, soil amendment techniques such as liming, and the development of nutrient management plans.

“Over the coming months, the province will also be reviewing our soil amendment and tile drainage policies to ensure they are relevant to today’s farming needs,” said Mr. MacDonell.

“We are grateful that the government acknowledges the industry’s needs for soil improvement,” said Dennis Boudreau, president of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture. “The additional funding for next year will assist farmers with their future investment in healthy productive soils.”

Mr. MacDonell also announced $30,000 to support the farm safety work of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture.

“Safe farming practices are important and we are pleased to provide funding to enable the federation’s work to continue,” said Mr. MacDonell.

“We are very pleased to see the commitment to farm safety and the continued work of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture on this important issue,” said Mr. Boudreau.