Stephen McNeil and Risky Liberal Energy Plan Now a Proven Failure

July 22, 2013

(Halifax, N.S.) The independent UARB has confirmed what Premier Darrell Dexter has said all along, the Martime Link is the lowest long-term cost alternative for electricity for ratepayers in Nova Scotia.

“This is very good news for the province,” said Mat Whynott, Ministerial Assistant for the Department of Energy and NDP MLA for Hammonds Plains Upper Sackville.

“Opposition parties lost today and families won,” said Whynott. “All the false claims and bad ideas by Stephen McNeil are now proven wrong. Nova Scotia cannot afford Stephen McNeil’s mistakes, he would make things much harder for families.”

“We now know Stephen McNeil was wrong when he insisted Nova Scotia go to Hydro Quebec for our electricity needs. It was a risky proposal by McNeil and would have put our energy future in the hands of Hydro Quebec. McNeil’s risky venture would have meant higher power rates for families for a generation.”

Whynot said the NDP welcomes the UARB approval along with its very sensible recommendations to make the project even more favourable for ratepayers.

The Board has outlined what Emera must do to ensure the lowest fairest rates and benefits and like all Nova Scotians we expect Emera will do the work required to follow those recommendations.

“McNeil and the Liberals just do not get it,” said Whynott. “They issued a release following the UARB’s approval of the Maritime Link as the lowest cost option still claiming their energy plan is right. Stephen McNeil is a major risk to higher power rates in this province. Rather than just admit that he was wrong, he will insist on making Nova Scotians hostage to Hydro Quebec. Nova Scotians will be cautious when listening to power rate promises from someone who voted repeatedly to put the HST on home energy.”