Nova Scotia unemployment remains best in region

August 9, 2013

Minister of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Graham Steele says he is pleased with the findings of Statistics Canada’s latest Labour Force Survey, for July 2013.

The report shows Nova Scotia’s unemployment rate remains unchanged at 9.0 per cent, the lowest in the Atlantic region.

“Nova Scotians want access to good jobs here at home. We’ve worked hard to create those jobs with employers like Irving shipbuilding, IBM, Port Hawkesbury Paper and ProjEx,” said Minister Steele.

Steele says the Liberals and the Conservatives would have turned these employers away effectively killing these job opportunities for people in Nova Scotia.

“Nova Scotians need a government willing to fight to make sure jobs end up here and not somewhere else,” said Steele.

Since the NDP took office in June, 2009 there are 4,000 more Nova Scotians employed.

Steele says the NDP’s work to get the government’s books back to balance and the province better positioned for investment is beginning to show. In July, the Dominion Bond Rating Service upgraded Nova Scotia’s long-term credit rating to A-high, the highest rating achieved by the province since the agency began assessing it in the late 1980s.

“The Liberals always make the mistake of only comparing month to month statistics, picking this number over that number. What we need to look at is the trend and in Nova Scotia’s case that trend is moving in the right direction,” said Steele.

“The NDP are building a better future for Nova Scotia families. We can’t risk returning to the failed economic policies of past Liberal and Conservative governments. From what we’ve seen the Liberal plan for economic development is to withhold assistance that enables communities to survive and thrive.”