Younger misleading Nova Scotians again

February 20, 2013

Charlie Parker,

Minister of Energy

(Halifax, N.S.) Liberal MLA Andrew Younger is misleading Nova Scotians again with statements about a provincial tour to share details of the province’s energy plan with Nova Scotians. Younger incorrectly accused government of screening people who were invited to attend the public sessions.

“It’s unfortunate but not surprising that the Liberals are stooping to this level to criticize a public conversation. The Liberals have a history of being critical for no good reason and this is a fine example of that but, once again, they are wrong.” said Charlie Parker, Minister of Energy.

The first stop of the provincial tour was this morning, Feb. 20, in Bridgewater where the Minister and Deputy Minister welcomed questions from more than 45 people who attended the open meeting. 11 people RSVP’d while an additional 35 people showed up and were welcomed to the event. 

“This is a totally non-partisan tour that is meant to educate and engage with Nova Scotians. We want to ensure their questions are answered, ” said Parker.

Minister Parker is visiting communities across the province to share details of the province’s energy plan, which he says can be summed up in five words: local, reliable, green, tax-free and efficient.

“People were very appreciative of the opportunity to learn about the plan and I was happy I could help answer their questions,” said Parker.

The next stop of the tour will be in Antigonish on Thursday, Feb. 21.