Busing challenges face former River John Consolidated students

September 4, 2015

NDP MLA Lenore Zann is concerned with the busing conditions former students of the River John Consolidated School are being forced to endure. She says the situation encountered by Dave Allan’s eight-year-old son, and others like him, can’t continue.

“Right now my child is spending more than two hours each day on the bus,” said Allan. “I’ve also heard from other parents that their children have had to sit on someone else’s lap because the bus was so overcrowded. This situation is unsafe and the only solution is more buses.”

Zann says the situation could have been avoided if the McNeil government hadn’t set up the Hub school model to fail.

“Had the McNeil government taken a more reasonable approach to Hub schools, these kids wouldn’t be facing the conditions they are today,” says Zann. “What happened to the dedication to education Premier McNeil and Minister Casey once professed? When it comes to schools, rural communities have seen nothing but closures and cuts under this Liberal government. And things are only going to get worse as 19 schools in Cape Breton are now being considered for closure.”