Jennex clarifies facts on Chignecto-Central School Board Budget

June 12, 2013

Education Minister Ramona Jennex wants to ensure that students and families in the Chignecto-Central School Board have all of the facts regarding the board’s budget.

“There has been a lot of misinformation circulating and I think it’s important for families to understand the situation at the CCRSB,” said Jennex.

“Despite the fact that the school board will receive nearly $1.3 million more in funding this year for 370 fewer students, they are discussing reducing the number of teachers. Our government has been very clear that the classroom is the very last place that should see funding reductions. In order to protect the classroom, the province is covering the cost of all negotiated wage increases and we’ve offered additional staff support to help boards find efficiencies.”

Jennex pointed out that the CCRSB has a unique administrative structure organized around its four families of schools. This structure employs over 20 full-time employees which costs the board $1.7 million per year.

“This seems to be a better place for the board to look to for efficiencies.”

“Last year, this school board threatened to disband all library services in order to balance the budget. This was obviously unacceptable and department staff worked with the board to produce a revised budget that protected the classroom,” added Jennex. “Now we see the board attacking teaching positions.”

“Our government is committed to protecting what matters most – the classroom. It is time for the school board to get on-board and stop making proposals that they know are unacceptable. The board knows that department staff are available to help them put together a budget that is in the best interest of students and families.”

Jennex concluded that students across East Hants, Colchester, Cumberland and Pictou counties deserve the best education possible, which is why the province is committed to what matters most – reading, math and small class sizes.