McNeil government’s hub school guidelines have failed

June 22, 2015

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says the hub school guidelines put in place by the McNeil government have failed and need to be fixed to protect rural schools.

“Karen Casey said she did not set up the hub school model to fail. But it’s failed,” says MacDonald. “Community groups trying to save small schools in Wentworth, River John and Maitland were not given a fair shake. If the hub school model is going to work, the Education Minister needs to stop hiding behind school boards and start showing some leadership.”

The Wentworth community group was told to come up with an annual income of $243,996 from the use of a single classroom. The River John citizens’ group was asked to raise $173,123 in income and $560,000 for entire cost of repairing the school’s parking lot and roof.

Last week via Twitter Bob Fowler, who led the committee that developed the current school review process, was critical of Minister Casey and her approach to hub schools stating, “Minister Casey hiding behind not interfering and referencing my report as why is a clear demonstration of lack of leadership. Wasted my time.”