Liberal record on education too much of a risk

July 19, 2013

Stephen McNeil and the Liberal record on education is too much of a risk for today’s parents and students, says NDP MLA Becky Kent.

“The last time the Liberals were in power they got rid of 1,400 teachers from the classroom leaving students vulnerable to larger classes,” said Kent. “This year the NDP hired more teachers for elementary students and our schools have the lowest class sizes in a generation.  Nova Scotia can’t go back to the failed policies of Stephen McNeil and the Liberals.”

Liberal Karen Casey was Minister of Education in the previous Rodney MacDonald Conservative government.

“As former education minister Karen Casey had the chance to have a positive impact on the education system.  Unfortunately, she left the education system just as she found it, broken and without any direction for the future,” said Kent.

“The NDP has a plan to put kids and learning first.  By keeping class sizes small and refocusing our attention on math, reading and offering new skilled trade centers the NDP is helping students succeed.”

Nova Scotia parents, students and teachers can’t risk going back to the failed policies of Stephen McNeil and the Liberals.