McNeil flashes left and turns right on school review process

June 11, 2013

Education Minister Ramona Jennex says Liberal leader Stephen McNeil can’t be trusted to put the best interest of students first after he spoke out today against the government’s decision to overhaul the school review process.

“McNeil said himself just a few months ago the school review process needs an overhaul and yet today he is saying government should leave things the way they are,” said Jennex.

In March, 2013 McNeil told Liberal AGM delegates that his party has already introduced legislation in the House of Assembly to do “a comprehensive review of our entire public education system. One aspect of that would be looking at school closure and school closure policy.”

“McNeil will say anything to position himself politically even if that means turning his back on rural communities who have advocated for changes to the school review process,” said Jennex.

Jennex said any promises coming from McNeil should be taken with a grain of salt.

“The Liberals got rid of 1,400 teachers the last time they were in government. How can they be trusted with our children’s education?”