Province Pushes for Changes to Criminal Code

April 19, 2013

Nova Scotia wants to make circulating an intimate image for a malicious or sexual purpose a crime.

Justice Minister Ross Landry will meet with federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson next week in Ottawa to push for changes to the Criminal Code of Canada.

“It has become apparent that our laws have not kept pace with the world we live in,” said Mr. Landry. “Nova Scotians expect us to fix that.”

Mr. Landry has proposed the federal government create a new section of the Criminal Code for distributing intimate images without consent.

He has also reached out to his counterparts to build support for the change across the country. Saskatchewan Justice Minister Gordon Wyant responded immediately saying his province supports Nova Scotia’s efforts. Mr. Landry said he has received consistent support from his provincial colleagues for the proposed change to the Criminal Code.

“We all want to know that bullies and cyberbullies can, and will, be held accountable for their actions,” Mr. Landry said. “I welcome the response from the federal government, and other provinces, who clearly want this, too.”

Mr. Landry has asked that the Cybercrime Working Group, a group of federal-provincial-territorial experts, work more quickly. He has asked that the group provide recommendations, including legislative options, to deputies by June, so ministers can act on them this fall.