Churchill confirms he asked for a moratorium on protected lands

August 18, 2013

Days after the World Resources Institute praised the NDP’s 13% goal for making Nova Scotia a “conservation leader in one of the world’s most heavily forested nations,” Liberal MLA Zach Churchill was asked by Maritime Morning host Jordi Morgan if he wrote a letter to the Minister of Environment calling for a moratorium on protected lands. Churchill’s response: “I did.” 
Churchill is opposed to the protection of former Irving lands in Southwest Nova Scotia, claiming they were just used for logging and that the NDP is making a “big fuss for no reason”. 
During the interview Churchill also suggested that some of the lands recently protected should be reconsidered.
In 2010, the province of Nova Scotia acquired thousands of hectares of former Irving land, some of which has subsequently been protected including the Silver River Wilderness Area.
Churchill isn’t the only Liberal who has asked for restrictions on land conservation in Nova Scotia. On April 11, 2013 East Nova Liberal candidate Lloyd Hines called the NDP government’s land protection target “a complete farce,”. 
NDP MLA Pam Birdsall says it remains unclear where the Liberals stand on land conservation.
“The NDP is getting global recognition for its efforts to conserve ecologically sensitive areas. Nova Scotians wanted us to protect a legacy for their children and grandchildren and we have.  At the same time Liberal candidates are speaking out about land conservation in one part of the province, while giving lukewarm support in another. It’s time the Liberals come clean.”