Corbett: Liberals confirm election commitments will not be kept

January 20, 2014

(Sydney, NS) NDP Energy Critic Frank Corbett says in recent weeks it’s become obvious the Liberals have no intention of keeping two election commitments regarding Efficiency Nova Scotia.

During the September 25th, 2013 leaders’ debate Stephen McNeil was asked by Tom Murphy, “How much is Stephen McNeil going to lower my power bill by?” McNeil’s answer, “Well $46 million immediately by removing the efficiency tax.”

In today’s Chronicle Herald Energy Minister Andrew Younger said the earliest the charge would be removed is January 2015.

“Immediately left the building three months ago,” said Corbett. “Now the Liberals are telling Nova Scotians that maybe someday in the future they might remove the charge from power bills. It’s the opposite of what they promised during the election.”

Corbett also says the Liberals aren’t living up to a September 9, 2013 commitment to allow Efficiency Nova Scotia to remain at “arms length” from government control. He said if that were the case, the Liberal Energy Minister wouldn’t be talking about making changes to the “entire mandate” of the organization.

“I don’t know whose arm the Liberals were talking about in September but it clearly wasn’t Andrew Younger’s,” said Corbett. “The Energy Minister’s finger prints are all over Efficiency Nova Scotia in spite of the advice he’s receiving from his top advisors.”

Corbett says this is just another example of the Liberals making promises and then “crossing their fingers and hoping everything works out for the best.”

“If the Liberals really have a plan to simply remove the charge from power bills while allowing Efficiency Nova Scotia to continue providing valuable energy conservation programs – perhaps it’s time they share it with us,” said Corbett. “Otherwise it just looks like the Liberals are making things up as they go along.”