Nova Scotians can’t risk return to failed Liberal energy policies

June 6, 2013

NDP MLA Mat Whynott says Nova Scotians can’t risk turning back to failed Liberal energy plans that made life worse for families.

“The last time the Liberals were in government they left Nova Scotia Power in charge, put no limit on their corporate salaries and bonuses and allowed their rate of return to soar to an eye-popping 12 per cent,” said Whynott. “Clearly the Liberal record on energy leaves something to be desired.”

Whynott added that he is concerned about Stephen McNeil’s plan to cut $46 million in efficiency program funding and put Nova Scotia Power in charge of efficiency programs.1

“Putting the same company that is in charge of generating and selling power in charge of getting people to use less of it is not in the best interest of Nova Scotians,” said Whynott. “This is just another one of McNeil’s bumper sticker ideas that show he doesn’t have the real solutions Nova Scotians need.”

Whynott’s comments followed the release of Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Annual Report on June 5 which showed that Nova Scotians are seeing significant savings as a result of energy efficiency programs.

“Efficiency Nova Scotia has been a great success. Thousands of Nova Scotians have seen energy savings as a result of these programs,” said Whynott. “Only the Liberals would want to get rid of a successful program and go back to the days when Nova Scotia Power was mandated to both sell power and help Nova Scotians reduce their power needs. It makes no sense.”

Whynott says energy savings only took off after Nova Scotia Power’s role was fully eliminated. The creation of Efficiency NS has also meant better use of the efficiency charge.

“There was barely any change in the efficiency charge from the level set by the UARB when Nova Scotia Power still ran the programs and yet today Nova Scotians are saving far more energy than ever before,” said Whynott.

1. CBC News. Oct 16, 2012.