NDP calling on Liberal government to continue fracking moratorium

August 28, 2014

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says the current moratorium on fracking should continue.

“I want to thank Dr. Wheeler for his work on this file,” said MacDonald. “Emotions were high, but Dr. Wheeler did an excellent job of balancing all perspectives and ensuring people had a chance to be heard. That being said, I agree with his conclusion that Nova Scotia is not ready for fracking. At this time there are too many unanswered questions about its safety. Before fracking can take place residents need to be certain it is safe. Right now that’s just not the case.”

She is calling on the current Liberal government to continue the moratorium and clearly state its future intentions when it comes to fracking.

“This has been a very divisive debate in our province,” said MacDonald. “The last thing we need is more uncertainty around this issue. It’s crucial the government provide a clear and concise response to Dr. Wheeler’s report.”

The previous NDP government placed a moratorium on fracking in 2012 and appointed Dr. Wheeler to conduct this review exactly one-year ago today.