Belliveau concerned about Shell’s 13-day blowout timeline

October 20, 2015

NDP MLA Sterling Belliveau is concerned the approval of Shell’s 13-day timeline to cap a drilling blowout in the Shelburne Basin could place Nova Scotia’s valuable fishery at risk. 

Today CBC is reporting that Shell’s plan to take 13 days to cap a drilling blowout has been accepted. Premier Stephen McNeil applauded the decision in a press release.

Belliveau wants to know what the justification is for allowing Shell almost two weeks to cap a blowout in the Shelburne Basin, when the maximum timeline in other jurisdictions, such as Alaska, is 24 hours.

Belliveau expects the provincial member on the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB) would have provided that justification to the Energy Minister prior to the final decision being made.

“Im hearing from fishermen and business owners that this timeline does not strike the proper balance,” says Belliveau. “This drilling will take place near some the richest fishing grounds in the world. A blowout left uncapped for this long near the Bay of Fundy poses great risks to both the environment and our economy. Nova Scotians expect the strongest regulations possible be put in place to protect coastal communities.”