Zann: Public should be consulted on recycled fracking waste water proposal

January 15, 2014

NDP Environment critic Lenore Zann wants a public consultation to be held around a proposed project that would use recycled fracking waste water in the making of cement. Zann says the Liberal government should listen to the community and require a consultation this winter.

Zann says that while Lafarge has published information about its proposed pilot project to recycle treated wastewater for use in a rotary cement kiln at its Brookfield plant, the community still has many questions that need to be answered directly. A public consultation would fulfill that need.

“In recent weeks I’ve heard from many constituents who are concerned about a lack of information around this process,” says Zann. “I’m requesting a public consultation be held before the Department of Environment makes its final decision.

“I know the department is evaluating the application to ensure the environment is protected, but given local concerns around this issue, I think the review will be insufficient unless members of the public have a chance to have their say.”

Zann is also asking that Environment Minister Randy Delorey meet directly with Brookfield residents who have concerns about this proposal.

“I know the Concerned Citizens of Colchester County wrote to the Department on this issue on December 17, and would like to discuss this matter with the Minister,” said Zann. “If the Minister can spare a few hours, I’m happy to arrange a private sit-down at a time that is convenient to all parties.”