Hammonds Plains-Lucasville NDP AGM

Start: March 12, 2015 6:30 PM

Please join New Democrats and supporters from Hammonds Plains-Lucasville for their Annual General Meeting on March 12.

We have already started building toward the next election. We have a lot of work ahead of us but we are committed and we hope you are too! 

While the Liberals distracted with their amalgamation of the health boards and attacking health care workers:

  • Home care wait lists are up 80%
  • ICU beds are closed at the QEII
  • long term care wait lists are the highest they’ve ever been
  • we’re facing a nursing shortage lie we did the 1990’s; and
  • ER closures are up for the first time since 2009

Please note we will have an annual general meeting to elect an executive and share information on the provincial party as to where we are as a constituency as we go forward.

We will have coffee tea and some munchies, this is an Annual General meeting in an informal atmosphere, please feel free to attend. Every great journey begins with the first small steps, hope to see you there.  Feel free to contact us at 902-826-9447 should you have any questions, concerns or need directions.

Location: Home of Dave and Ivy Shaw, 242 Windsor Drive, Stillwater Lake NS



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