Membership Contest

Start: June 16, 2014 9:00 AM

The Electoral District Association (EDA) with the most in Monthly Membership increases will WIN $1,000.00.

Ways to Win:

  • Level Up – Get an existing NS NDP monthly donor to increase their monthly Pre-Authorized Contribution (PAC)
  • My 5 – Get everyone in your EDA to recruit 5 (or more) new monthly Pre-Authorized Contributions
  • Find members who still pay Annual Fees and ask them to donate monthly
  • Find people whose annual fee membership expired and ask them to donate monthly

    The winning EDA will be announced at our Council meeting on Nov. 29, 2014.

To count for our contest, a monthly membership (PAC) must have been received and entered at our Party Office in our contest period.

The winning EDA will be determined by net monthly membership (PAC) increase over our contest period.

Contact the NSNDP Provincial Secretary Mike Poworoznyk to answer questions or for support with your EDA PAC Drive.

Direct: 902-423-8698 Toll Free: 1-800-753-7696 Email: ProvSec@nsndp.ca

About PAC

PAC stands for Pre-Authorized Contribution – a monthly contribution plan that ensures your membership is always current. Plus, it lets you take full advantage of tax credits for political contributions.

With PAC, memberships are renewed automatically which means your membership is always up to date. No worrying about your membership being current for AGMs, Conventions, or Leadership votes.

PAC Makes A Difference

New Democrats investing through PAC stabilize our Party, helping us budget monthly to support facilitation of our Party democratic bodies – Provincial Council, Provincial Executive, Table Officers, and our EDAs. PAC helps us expand political action, activism, training, organizing, and campaigns.

PAC helps our NDP build on our successes and shows your support for our MLAs and fellow New Democrats working across our province to make a difference and fight for what’s fair.

PAC Builds Your Tax Credits

PAC is the best way to take advantage of provincial tax credits. Provincial political tax credits are calculated at 75% of the first $1000 donation. With your 75% tax rebate for political contributions, every $5 a month is only $1.25 – less than a cup of coffee.

You can budget a monthly PAC contribution you can afford AND collect a large tax refund when you file your tax return.


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