Belliveau pleased Premier has change of heart on food recovery program

July 11, 2014

NDP MLA Sterling Belliveau is pleased the Premier has seemingly softened his position about the NDP’s proposal to create a program to help families replace spoiled food following an extended power outage. He hopes as a result, the government will introduce legislation this fall.

Yesterday, Belliveau wrote the Premier asking for political parties to work together to develop such a  program and suggested it should be paid for by Nova Scotia Power. Following cabinet, Stephen McNeil dismissed the idea to reporters and called it “cheap politics.”

Today when asked by media and members of the public about creating a program to replace lost food following and extended power outage the Premier said it was something his government would look at.

“I was very discouraged by what the Premier said yesterday, but I’m glad in the last 24 hours he’s had a change of heart,” said Belliveau. “In my part of the province, some people have thrown away hundreds of dollars worth of food, and it’s had a big impact on their household income.”

However, while Belliveau said he was encouraged to learn the Premier is open to developing a solution for future events, he remains concerned about those who need help today.

“I would still like to see the government step in and provide assistance to those who lost food following Arthur. For many making an insurance claim just isn’t an option.” said Belliveau