McNeil’s energy schemes would lead to higher power bills

August 7, 2013

NDP MLA Mat Whynott says Liberal leader Stephen McNeil’s energy schemes would lead to higher power bills for Nova Scotians.

Whynott’s comments came in reaction to two reports released today by the Ecology Action Centre looking at Nova Scotia’s energy future including how to manage energy affordability.

“McNeil has trouble explaining the Liberal position on energy mainly because they don’t have a clear one.  The bottom line is McNeil’s scheme to depend on Quebec for power would end up costing Nova Scotians,” said Whynott, the Ministerial Assistant for Energy.

“McNeil also wants to give Nova Scotia Power an opportunity to make even greater profits off of Nova Scotia ratepayers.”

Whynott challenges McNeil to be honest with Nova Scotians and tell them that allowing renewable electricity producers to sell directly to consumers relies heavily on Nova Scotia Power. The utility would charge renewable energy producers a fee to use NSP power lines and that fee would be passed on to Nova Scotians says Whynott.  He says it would also be in the best interest of NSP to force renewable electricity rates so high that most Nova Scotians couldn’t afford it.

“The NDP is incorporating renewable energy in to the energy mix in the most affordable, responsible way possible. McNeil would put that at risk,” said Whynott.

Whynott also says McNeil will put energy efficiency programs in jeopardy by relying on Nova Scotia Power to be the sole funder of programs.

“McNeil’s scheme to make NSP, which makes money from the sale of electricity, responsible for using less of it puts energy savings at risk. That means Nova Scotians will have fewer resources to help control their electricity bills through efficiency measures,” said Whynott.

“The NDP plan makes local, reliable, green, tax-free and efficient energy available to Nova Scotia families at the lowest cost possible. It also provides an affordable way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Stephen McNeil would throw all that away, it’s a risk that’s not worth taking.”