Liberal government needs to focus on tax fairness

November 19, 2014

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald is concerned Nova Scotians may soon be paying more for essentials like home heat, children’s clothing and diapers if the Liberal government moves forward with recommendations in a tax review they commissioned earlier this year and received today, Nov. 19.

“Too many Nova Scotians are already struggling to make ends meet. We may be facing tough economic challenges but asking Nova Scotians to pay more for essentials like home heat and children’s clothing shouldn’t be the answer,” said MacDonald.

Recommendation number 1.3 in the report, prepared by former Ontario Liberal cabinet minister Laurel Broten, recommends government broaden consumption taxes which would include putting the HST back on family essentials like books, children’s clothing, diapers, feminine hygiene products, first time home purchases and home energy.

The NDP removed the HST from home heat, children’s clothing and children’s footwear, diapers and hygiene products in July, 2010. Last year the home heat rebate saved Nova Scotians more than $100 million.

“Nova Scotians need a tax regime that is fair. The system we have today may not be perfect but we have serious concerns about the recommendations the Premier and his Minister of Finance are considering.”