Maureen MacDonald: Liberal Agenda Would Hurt Nova Scotia Families

September 11, 2013


NDP candidate and Minister Maureen MacDonald says the Liberals platform are now set on a course that would cause major damage to health care in Nova Scotia.

Across the province health care workers, community health volunteers and leaders are all sounding the alarm, the McNeil-Baillie super bureaucracy would throw health care into chaos.

Some seniors would have to leave their communities for surgeries, emergency rooms would begin shutting their doors again, and some expecting mothers would have to travel to regional centres for child birth.

Maureen MacDonald said putting health care decisions into the hands of high paid bureaucrats would cause chaos in health delivery, there is no other way to put it. The other parties would take Nova Scotia back to the dark days of cuts, closures and lost jobs, the days when the Liberals closed 1,600 hospital beds and got rid of 1,000 nurses, back to the days when Conservatives forced mass resignations by nurses and health care workers.