NDP introduce bill to protect Nova Scotians from flavoured tobacco

November 7, 2014

Today in the Nova Scotia Legislature the NDP will introduce a bill to protect the health of Nova Scotia youth by banning flavoured tobacco.

Earlier this week the Liberal government caved to the interests of big tobacco and reversed a ban on flavoured tobacco leaving thousands of kids at risk. NDP Health critic Dave Wilson says the time is now to ban products designed to get young people hooked on smoking.

“The evidence is clear, products like candy flavoured cigars and menthol cigarettes entice young people to take up smoking,” said Wilson. “These products are addictive, they are dangerous and they need to be taken off store shelves and out of the hands of youth as soon as possible.”

Wilson added, “This week the Liberals had a chance to protect kids against smoking, unfortunately big tobacco was able to convince Health Minister Leo Glavine to do otherwise.”

The NDP bill, titled an Act to Protect Nova Scotians from Flavoured Tobacco, places a ban on flavored tobacco products including menthol cigarettes.

“What we heard in law amendments, even from those who were advocating in favour of e-cigarettes, is that there should be a ban on flavored tobacco,” said Wilson. “The Liberal government has completely fumbled this file and their approach benefits no one but big tobacco. It’s time to get things right and give Nova Scotians the protection they and their children deserve against the dangers of tobacco addiction.”

Wilson added, “Given the amount of times the Liberals have flip-flopped on this issue thus far, I’m hopeful they are willing to do one more 180 degree turn and ban flavoured tobacco and menthol cigarettes in Nova Scotia once-and-for-all.”