Nothing positive about McNeil government’s record on health care

July 6, 2015

NDP candidate Tammy Martin says there is nothing positive about the McNeil government’s record on health care in Cape Breton. She says Liberal candidate Dave Wilton needs to explain why he thinks “the rest of the province needs to model” what has happened to the health care system in Cape Breton in the last 18 months.

Martin is responding to comments made by Wilton this morning in a candidates’ debate on CBC’s Information Morning.

“Clearly the Liberal talking points are out of touch with reality,” says Martin. “Just look at what’s happened since the McNeil government centralized the Health Authority in Halifax. Cape Breton is facing a doctor shortage, ERs are overcrowded or closed on a regular basis, not a single Collaborative Emergency Centre has opened, the home care wait list has doubled, more seniors are waiting for a long term care bed in Cape Breton than anywhere else in the province, and to make matters worse, our region is losing all of its geriatric specialists. How is any of this positive?”

Martin added that the Liberal plan to privatize home care could only make things worse.

“I was very concerned to read in the Chronicle Herald on May 1, 2015 that Leo Glavine is planning to put out a tender for home care services. Hundreds of seniors in Cape Breton rely on their home care workers for daily support and care. They don’t want to see these jobs put at risk by privatization that could cost taxpayers more, but deliver less.”