Wilson Asks Glavine for Updated Timeline on Centennial Building Closure

October 14, 2015

NDP Health critic Dave Wilson is pleased that the province is taking its first step to replace the Centennial Building at the Victoria General Hospital, but is concerned there is a two-year delay in the previous government’s plan, and no action on the second phase of construction at the Halifax Infirmary.

Health Minister Leo Glavine awarded the contract for the final design of the fifth floor at the Dartmouth General, which once the added capacity is built, will help in the closure of the Centennial building. There was no mention of the second phase of construction at the Halifax Infirmary site.

“In October 2013 the current government received a plan to demolish the Centennial Building and replace it by expanding the Halifax Infirmary while also increasing capacity at the Dartmouth General. There seems to have been a two-year delay in moving this plan forward while the Minister has been preoccupied with amalgamating District Health Authorities,” said Wilson.

In the plan, outlined on the QEII’s website (image below), 2015 was supposed to see the award of the construction tender. “Instead of seeing construction start, we’re seeing a Minister that took his eye off patient care for two years,” added Wilson.