Wilson: Cuts to eating disorder clinic need to be reviewed

April 26, 2015

NDP Health Critic Dave Wilson says a reduction in services at an eating disorder clinic in Halifax needs to be reviewed.

A memo obtained from the IWK Health Centre indicates the Eating Disorders Specific Care Clinic will operate two days per week. Previously, it was open three days a week. The NDP Caucus has also learned that the IWK eating disorders team has been cut. A psychologist with over 20 years of experience has retired and has not been replaced.

“Families with children with eating disorders may have to send them out of province for treatment, at their expense. And people will continue to seek help through the emergency room, instead of through peer support programs,” says Wilson.

The McNeil government also cut funding to Eating Disorders Nova Scotia by 23 per cent. When asked about the cut Health Minister Leo Glavine said people could turn to other programs for help like the IWK eating disorder clinic.

“One in six young women will develop an eating disorder by age 20,” Wilson added. “Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. The McNeil government needs to focus on patient care – their budget doesn’t.”