Liberal government ignoring ongoing issues at Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital

August 7, 2014

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald is concerned the Liberal government is ignoring ongoing issues at Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital because they are preoccupied with amalgamating Nova Scotia’s District Health Authorities.

“In the last 10 months the Liberals have not opened a single Collaborative Emergency Centre. Instead of focusing on improving front line health care, ensuring same day and next day appointments, and shorter wait times the Minister of Health is focused on who is sitting around the board room table,” said MacDonald.

MacDonald made the comments after learning the emergency room at Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital closed for period of time on Tuesday, August 5, making it the fifth time the emergency room has closed in a month.

MacDonald says if Premier Stephen McNeil and Health Minister Leo Glavine were paying attention they would realize a solution to this problem is right in front of them.

“A Collaborative Emergency Centre that would work to prevent closures at Fishermen’s Memorial was announced in December, 2012. The Premier and the Minister need to move their focus away from shuffling board room chairs and make this CEC a priority,” said MacDonald.

Last year the Nova Scotia Annual Accountability Report on Emergency Departments found that in communities where Collaborative Emergency Centres were established ER closures were reduced by over 90 per cent.