Minister Glavine needs to explain VON freeze

November 6, 2014

A Colchester County family says they feel like they are “living in limbo” after a VON freeze was placed on accepting new clients and reinstating services for clients who were hospitalized. NDP Health critic Dave Wilson says the government needs to take action to end the freeze and ensure seniors living in Colchester County have access to the care they need.

Ethel Turner’s mother was hospitalized on Oct. 11, and although she has been ready to be discharged for 2 weeks, she is still taking up a needed hospital bed because Continuing Care is no longer able to schedule her home care visits. Turner has been told that the “freeze” on accepting new home care patients is expected to last two or three months.

“To see our mother forced to spend her days in a hospital bed because the province won’t provide home care has been devastating to our family,” said Turner. “We just want to get her home safely. Home is where she is happiest. So we are asking the government to end the freeze.”

Dave Wilson says the Health Minister continues to fumble his responsibilities because of his pre-occupation with the amalgamation of District Health Authorities.

“The Liberals say they support helping seniors stay in their homes longer yet they allow a freeze on home care in Colchester,” said Wilson. “This is just another example of Leo Glavine making mistakes that impact front line health care because he isn’t paying attention. The Minister’s obsession with health boards is really taking a toll.”