13% of ICU beds at QEII closed because of bad Liberal decisions

July 23, 2015

NDP Leader Maureen Macdonald says it’s unacceptable that six of the 48 ICU beds located in the QEII Health Sciences Centre are currently closed. She says the cause for these closures, and the need to bring in expensive travel nurses from out of province, lies entirely at the feet of the McNeil government.

“Let’s face it, the McNeil government decided to pick a fight with health care workers with Bills 37 and 1 and the number of nurses retiring doubled,” says MacDonald. “The loss of experienced nurses has left a huge void in the system. As a result, we now have crucial ICU beds closed in HRM and the health authority has been forced to spend $375,000 to bring in travel nurses from out of province.”

She adds, “It’s just not in HRM where the health care system is deteriorating under the Liberal government. Just look at the Aberdeen Hospital in Pictou County where the mental health unit is set to close or the Roseway Hospital in Shelburne which this week experienced emergency room closures five days in a row.”