On International Nurses Day NDP asking Liberals to be more respectful of nurses

May 12, 2014

NDP Health Critic Dave Wilson is thanking all Nova Scotia nurses for their hard work and service on this International Nurses Day. He adds that what was already a difficult job has become much more challenging under Stephen McNeil’s Liberal government.

“Since becoming Premier, Stephen McNeil has gone out of his way to discourage more people from entering the nursing profession,” said Wilson. “He’s taken away the collective bargaining rights of nurses with Bill 37. He’s supported the punishment of nurses who took job action. And now his Health Minister is suggesting he may impose, through legislation, a single union on our province’s nurses.”

Wilson added, “I doubt there has been a more difficult province to practice nursing in the past six months than Nova Scotia under Stephen McNeil’s leadership.”

Wilson says he hopes Stephen McNeil and the Liberals will start showing more respect for nurses and begin to engage them over their concerns regarding patient safety.

“It’s well documented that Nova Scotia needs to attract more nurses over the next 10 years or face a shortage,” said Wilson. “The Liberals need to take a new approach or risk driving even more nurses away.”