McNeil Liberals block Pharmacare document disclosure at Legislative committee

February 3, 2016


Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie and acting NDP leader Maureen MacDonald are outraged that the Liberals continue to hide information about the dishonest changes to the Seniors’ Pharmacare Program.

Today, at Public Accounts Committee, Liberal MLAs used their majority to block the promised additional documents and analysis about the changes.

Baillie questions how anyone can trust the Liberal government when they keep breaking their promises.

“No wonder seniors feel they can’t trust Premier McNeil and the Liberals. Someone who is telling the truth should have nothing to hide,” says Baillie. “The Liberals keep making promises and then breaking them. Our seniors worked hard for their money. They deserve better from their government.”

MacDonald says, “Seniors who have worked hard all their lives to save for retirement deserve better from the McNeil government. They deserve honesty, they deserve transparency, and perhaps most of all, they deserve an opportunity to be consulted with about changes to the Pharmacare program. Unfortunately, over the past three weeks, the Premier, his Health Minister and members of his Liberal Caucus have not treated seniors with the respect they deserve.”

Last week, Deputy Minister of Health and Wellness, Peter Vaughan, promised to provide the modelling and costing information used to make their decision to jack-up pharmacare premiums. He still has not provided it.

The committee has the power to subpoena the documents but Liberal MLAs on the committee: Iain Rankin, Timberlea-Prospect; Brendan Maguire, Halifax Atlantic; Suzanne Lohnes-Croft, Lunenburg; Keith Irving, Kings South; and Terry Farrell, Cumberland North, said no.

The Liberals also spoke against PC MLA Tim Houston’s motion to bring Health and Wellness Minister Leo Glavine before the committee to answer questions about the changes.

Baillie and MacDonald are jointly calling on Premier McNeil to fire Minister Glavine and push the pause button on these changes until more consultation can be done.