NDP introduces bill to protect blood services in Nova Scotia

April 15, 2014

Today the NDP introduced a bill in the Nova Scotia Legislature to ensure the safety and security of voluntary blood donations in Nova Scotia.

The Bill entitled, An Act to Maintain and Preserve Voluntary Blood Donations in Nova Scotia, will ensure private clinics are not allowed to pay Nova Scotians directly to donate blood and blood plasma.

Recently in Ontario private clinics opened that offered cash in return for blood donations. The Ontario government responded by introducing legislation to protect the supply of blood and blood products available to the public health care system.

“At this point this bill is a preventative measure, but given what happened recently in Ontario the province needs to take action to prevent similar clinics from opening here,” said NDP Health critic Dave Wilson.

“We need to ensure private interests don’t try to profit off what is a crucial commodity in our health care system. Nova Scotians need to know blood products are available when they need it the most. Private clinics would place the provincial supply at risk.”