Premier needs to remove Leo Glavine from Cabinet

February 2, 2016

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says it’s time for Stephen McNeil to fire his Health Minister Leo Glavine.

She says it’s clear that Leo Glavine has neither been “forthright” with seniors nor “accurate” about the changes he made to the Pharmacare program, and as such he should be removed from his duties as Health Minister. In November, Andrew Younger was removed from the Liberal Cabinet and Caucus, because the Premier said he misled the media.

Yesterday, allnovascotia.com reported that 14,000 low-income seniors receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement would now have to pay premiums. Previously they were exempt. Last week, following a request from Maureen MacDonald at the Public Accounts Committee, the McNeil government was forced to admit that Seniors would be charged an additional $10 million in Pharmacare premiums next years. In both cases the Liberals only released the information under pressure from the public and media.

“Leo Glavine has showed a total lack of respect for our province’s seniors by trying to mislead them about the impact of his Pharmacare changes,” says MacDonald. “If Stephen McNeil doesn’t take action and remove the Minister from his portfolio, it will only serves as proof that the Premier’s Office was an accomplice to this whole sordid affair.”