Belliveau says action is needed to end nurse shortage at Roseway

October 30, 2014

The Liberal government needs to take action to stop emergency room closures at the Roseway Hospital says NDP MLA Sterling Belliveau.

“The Roseway ER was closed 117 hours in the past year, and that doesn’t include the string of closures this summer and fall,” said Belliveau. “Meanwhile the Liberal government has done nothing to address the cause of the problem. Apparently the Health Minister has been too busy fumbling around with his health merger scheme to deal with the nurse shortage in Shelburne.”

Yesterday, Belliveau read a statement in the provincial legislature calling on the government to take immediate action to keep the ER at Roseway open. The statement can be read here. Previously, during question period Leo Glavine acknowledged the nurse shortage at Roseway, which he called an exception to the rule.”

“For Minister Glavine to say the nurse shortage at Roseway is an exception and isn’t the norm across the province does nothing to help families in Shelburne,” said Belliveau. “Keeping ERs in rural communities open should be a priority for the health minister. Instead he’s been busy setting up a big health bureaucracy in Halifax.”