Liberal health authority failing Shelburne residents

July 20, 2015

The new Liberal health authority, located in Halifax, is failing Shelburne residents says NDP MLA Sterling Belliveau. He says constant emergency room closures at the Roseway Hospital that stretch out for parts of five days at a time are placing patient care at risk. 

The emergency room at Roseway Hospital is closed all day today and is closing again tomorrow night until Wednesday. It was also closed for most of Saturday and part of Sunday this past weekend.  The health authority is also warning Shelburne residents to expect more unexpected closures in the coming weeks. 

“We used to have a volunteer health board in Southwest Nova Scotia willing to fight to protect and improve health care but the McNeil government got rid of that,” says Belliveau. “Now we have a centralized health authority located in Halifax, our emergency room is closed far too often, and it’s clear the health care needs of Shelburne residents are being ignored.”