New Organization to Support School Breakfast Programs

August 8, 2013

When school starts this fall, a new charitable organization will help Nova Scotia children get a good breakfast so they can focus on learning.

Nourish Nova Scotia will distribute provincial funding and money it raises to school boards for nutrition programs, including the Provincial Breakfast Program.

“Children need a nutritious breakfast to start their day, be successful in school, and grow up healthy and strong,” said Justice Minister Ross Landry, on behalf of Health and Wellness Minister David Wilson.

“Schools, parents and communities told us they wanted a new way to support nutrition programs in schools, and we’ve worked closely with them to develop this new approach with Nourish Nova Scotia,” said Mr. Landry.

Nourish Nova Scotia will receive $750,000 annually in provincial funding. As a charitable organization, it can also receive more public, private and corporate funds and support to help school boards run nutrition programs.

“The launch of Nourish Nova Scotia signals the establishment of a non-profit entity that will support school breakfast programs in Nova Scotia, as well as seek out and encourage the development of other healthy eating initiatives for our children and youth,” said Janice Silver, a dietitian and chair of Nourish Nova Scotia’s board of directors. “It is the culmination of five years of planning and preparation by a dedicated group of people, long concerned and associated with child nutrition.

“Nourish Nova Scotia will provide a vehicle for those wishing to work together to support and create a healthier food environment for our children and youth, well into the future.”

Nourish Nova Scotia is developing guidelines for corporate and individual sponsorship. More information about donating will be available in September at www.nourishns.ca .

Supporting partners to create Nourish Nova Scotia is a commitment in Thrive!, the province’s plan for a healthier Nova Scotia. The plan has 34 actions to create supportive environments for healthy eating and physical activity. Learn more at http://thrive.novascotia.ca .