Liberals break promise to reduce surgical wait times

December 3, 2014

NDP Health Critic Dave Wilson says the Liberals have broken their promise to develop a province wide plan to reduce surgical wait times.

His comments came after the release of the Auditor General’s 2014 report which states that Nova Scotia “lags far behind national benchmarks” when it comes to surgical wait times and that “there is no overall action plan to deal with this.”

In their platform, the Liberals promised to develop a province wide surgical plan immediately and to meet national standards for knee and hip replacement within the first year of their mandate. However, according to the provincial website for surgical wait times, waiting times for knee and hip replacement surgeries have actually increased since October of 2013.

“This is just another example of the Liberal government not addressing the immediate needs of patients because they are too busy restructuring district health authorities,” says Wilson. “This was an area the Liberals promised to address in their platform but, as the AG confirmed today, well into the second year of their mandate the government has not improved surgical wait times.”

Wilson added, “Minister Glavine has had plenty of time to implement a plan to reduce wait times but he just hasn’t done it.”