Why haven’t Liberals updated Mental Health and Addictions strategy?

July 9, 2015

(Halifax, NS) NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald wants to know why the McNeil government has failed to update the Mental Health and Addictions strategy for nearly two years.

In 2012 the previous NDP government released Nova Scotia’s first ever Mental Health and Addictions Strategy that contained 33 recommendations for improving our mental health care system. Built into the strategy were annual updates to ensure the public was kept informed of how the strategy was being rolled out. The McNeil government has not provided any update since the last election. The last update occurred in May 2013.

“This is a five year strategy and we have no idea what work has been done on it for almost two years under the McNeil government,” says MacDonald. “Yesterday, when confronted with concerns that our mental health system is in crisis, Minister Glavine responded by saying everything is fine and that he is building on the mental health strategy. If that’s the case then where is the accountability? Show us what recommendations have been implemented and what remains to be done from that five year plan.”