72 classes over caps last year

October 25, 2016

For immediate release.

HALIFAX – The NDP raised questions in the House today about the McNeil government’s track record on class caps based on data showing 72 classes were over the caps in 2015-16. The data was received in response to a written question from NDP Critic for Education and Early Childhood Development Lenore Zann.

“Despite 72 classes with more students than the caps allow for, Stephen McNeil and Minister Casey continue to tout class caps as proof of their success with education issues,” said Zann. “How can teachers trust the Liberal government to make good on working conditions when their most celebrated accomplishments are based on lies?”

Class caps are set at 20 for grades primary to two and 25 for grades three to five. The government allows for classes that are as much as two students larger than the cap, so the data only shows classes of 23 or more for grades primary to three and 28 or more for grades three to five.

This week, a letter signed by over 300 high school students was sent to MLAs raising concerns about the impact of working conditions on students. In the letter, students expressed their support for teachers and concerns about the impact of Bill 148 and the recent contract proposals from the government.

“Teachers, parents, and now students, have been loud and clear in their message to Stephen McNeil that working conditions in our province’s classrooms are unacceptable,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “Instead of more posturing and platitudes from this government, students, parents, and teachers need concrete changes to address class sizes, improve classroom supports, and reduce the administrative workload for teachers.”


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